Sealed Air SpeedyPacker Foam Machine

Sealed Air SpeedyPacker Foam Machine

The SpeedyPacker® system from Sealed Air is the industry leading foam-in-bag system.  With years of proven reliability the SpeedyPacker® system has revolutionized the foam-in-place packaging process.  The SpeedyPacker® system delivers up to 21 foam-filled bags per minute reducing packaging labor and increasing the efficiency of your packaging operation.  

Creating custom foam cushions for your products is simple and easy.  The SpeedyPacker® system produces foam-filled bags at the touch of a button that can be utilized for cushioning, void-fill, or blocking and bracing.  SpeedyPacker® foam-filled bags are placed only where you need them helping to reduce material consumption and providing outstanding product protection. 

With the most advanced Foam In Place bag sealing technology, minimal preventative maintenance requirements, and simplicity of operation the SpeedyPacker® system from Sealed Air is the unsurpassed leader in foam-in-bag technology. 

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