Certification Process

Buy with confidence at FoamInPlaceSystems.com. Please contact us to review our certification process and discuss the condition of the Instapak® system that is best suited for your packaging application.

Certification Process

Our 31 step certification process insures that each Sealed Air Instapak® System is not only functional but in excellent operating condition. When you purchase an Instapak® System “Certified” by FoamInPlaceSystems.com you gain the confidence that the foam-in-bag or Hand Held Instapak® system has gone through an extensive evaluation. Inspecting and replacing suspect system components of used Sealed Air Instapak® systems is paramount to preventing additional parts expenses at start-up and ultimately a successful installation. At FoamInPlaceSystems.com we utilize our 45 years of Instapak® system experience to provide exceptional value for your investment.

Our 31Step Certification Process includes the following:

  • Pumping system inspection (most common failure with used systems)
  • A side pump evaluation – filter screen inspection
  • Gerotor replacement on the A-Chemical side when warranted
  • A chemical hose purging, evaluation, replacement if warranted
  • A side heater wire inspection replace if warranted
  • B side pump evaluation – filter screen inspection
  • B chemical hose purging, evaluation, replacement if warranted
  • B side heater wire inspection replace if warranted
  • Edge Seal Wire assembly inspection
  • Edge seal wire replacement if warranted
  • Edge seal wire Teflon tape replacement
  • End Seal assembly evaluation
  • Cross cut wire inspection and replacement if warranted
  • Cross cut wire Teflon tape replacement
  • Solvent delivery system inspection
  • Slim Line Dispenser evaluation
  • Mixing Block – clean and refurbish
  • Ball Screw inspection / lubrication
  • Centered metal tip replacement
  • Film delivery system inspection
  • Inspect and clean rubber drive rollers
  • Test “Out of Film” detector
  • Inspect / repair mighty seal assembly
  • Knurled roller / film path cleaning and evaluation
  • Operator controls functionality testing
  • Test Film board communication 
  • Test Foam board communication
  • Cover safety switch evaluation and testing
  • Spare edge seal wire inspection
  • Spare cross cut wire inspection
  • Spare sealing tapes inspection

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